Twice is a Habit by Denise Rudberg

I read Stepping Out of Line approximately a year ago, and now the turn came to Denise Rudberg’s second novel in her elegant crime series about prosecution secretary Marianne Jidhoff.

I really like that the main character is a middle aged woman. Two of her closest colleagues are men, Torsten and Augustin, but Marianne is the one in focus.


A partner of the investment company The Chinese Wall is severely beaten in the days between Christmas and New Year’s. Marianne and her group are assigned to the case. The company has a very conservative view of women, but can the fact that the abused man wanted to go on paternity leave really be a motive? We also get to follow another partner’s family where the wife has been abused for years, and she is finally reaching her limit.

A New Habit

Twice is a Habit was much better than the first book, so I have nothing against my new habit if Rudberg continues in this style.

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