“Tusenskönor” av Kristina Ohlsson


I read Kristina Ohlsson’s first novel ”Askungar” earlier this year and I was looking forward to reading the sequel ”Tusenskönor” (translates to ”Daisies”). The novel brings up topics like immigration and human smuggling and is definitely a worthy sequel. (I do not know if/when the book will be available in English.)


In this novel we are reacquainted with Fredrika Bergman, Alex Recht and their colleagues. Two cases end up on their table: a couple is found shot in their apartment and an unidentified man has been hit and killed by a car. We also get to follow a Swedish woman who is wanted by the Thai police and an illegal immigrant from Iraq who hopes that Sweden will become a refuge for him and his family. It is not unexpected that all stories are tied together pretty fast.

Murderer and Motive

When I read the back cover I hesitated at first because it sounded like it could be a pretty confusing story. My worry was for the most part unjustified, because it was a very exciting story and just like in the first novel the murderer remains a mystery until the very end. You suspect all along which event the motive stems from, but I never really figured it out. I can understand if one thinks it is a bit confusing in the end when all loose ends need to be tied up, but the author succeeds in doing so.

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