Thicker than Water by Carin Gerhardsen

Several cats are drowned and placed near water and the Hammarby Police is looking for the culprit. When a psychologist is drowned in her bathtub that case becomes prioritized. But is there a connection? When a man dies in a suspected suicide the plot thickens. Several of the police have personal connections to the cases which makes the investigation even more difficult.

Perfect Title

In this novel Carn Gerhardsen writes about family ties, secrets and revenge. The title is perfect considering the plot! We get to know some secondary characters a little better, which is appreciated. There are a few things with the plot that bugs me, but I cannot say anything without revealing too much. The novel is definitely worth reading though!

Loose Ends Explained

Thicker than Water is the seventh novel in the series. The novel is described as independent, but I disagree. There are many loose ends from earlier novels in the series that are finally explained, so the novels should definitely be read in the correct order! The quality of the novels has varied but this is one of the better ones.


Original title in Swedish: Tjockare än vatten

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