The Year of the Dragon by Thomas Kanger

The Year of the Dragon takes place in Sweden, Asia and USA during 2012 and during the Vietnam War. It feels like I am reading three novels at once. One is about a murder of a security guard outside IKEA in Västerås, Sweden. Another is about a Vietnamese woman who has a child with an American officer during the Vietnam War. A third is about the attorney Auster Fogg, whose son is killed in the war in Afghanistan. The first two are written in third person, while the third is written in first person. Sure the stories are tied together eventually, but a little late in my opinion.

Still Worth Reading

The author wants a lot with this book, maybe a little too much. I wish that the author actually had written three novels, because all the stories catch my intention individually, but when they are tied together it almost feels forced.

I read the novel the same week I found out that a good friend’s son was critically injured in Afghanistan. It took the war aspect to a whole other level and it was almost too much for me.


Original title in Swedish: Drakens år

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