The Weakest Link by Stefan Tegenfalk

My wait is over; I started reading as soon as The Weakest Link (original title in Swedish: Den felande länken) arrived in my mailbox. The Weakest Link is the third and final part in the trilogy about Walter Gröhn and Jonna de Brugge. I read the two first parts earlier this year and after having finished the last part I can definitely say that they get better and better. The parts are not stand-alone and you should read them in the right order, and I also think that you should read all of them as the story may not make sense otherwise.

Existential Questions

It is difficult to tell something about the book without giving away the storyline of the first two books, Anger Mode and The Nirvana Project. Kudos to Tegenfalk that the book not only has a lot of suspense but also makes the readers think about existential questions. How often can you say that when you read a crime novel? On the other hand I would have wanted to get more answers in the end, but despite that I really liked the book and highly recommend the entire trilogy.

What Comes Next?

I thought that we had said goodbye to Walter Gröhn for good, but I recently found out that the author has planned a number of stand-alone novels featuring Criminal Detective Walter Gröhn. The first novel “The Piano Tuner” will be released in Sweden next fall. In other words, I will have to wait again.

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