The Villette Series

Ingrid Hedström

… is a Swedish journalist on one of the bigger Newspapers in Sweden. She previously worked on the Continent (Europe). Which, perhaps, is why the series takes place in the fictional city of Villette in Belgium in the 1990´s.

The Books

The main character is Martine Poirot who works as an investigating magistrate. Around her are several colourful characters such as her half Swedish husband Thomas, his famous sister and actress and a bar owner. The stories have often politcal and historical clutches. I´m actually not sure if it is translated in to other languages but if not, I think they should be. Hedström has written 4 pieces in the series so far. The first is called the Girls of Villette and the second “The (female) teatchers in Villette”. (My translations)


Down under in Villette (My translation)

The third book in the series is perhaps the weakest of the four but don´t worry Ingrid Hedström has a high lowest point which makes it good anyway. In this book a man is found dead in the cargo of a boat. He worked as a journalist and worked on two stories. A powerful indstrualist and a mining accident that took the lives of many people during the 1950´s. What kind of affairs is the industralist really involved in and could any of the miners have survived? Evidence points to that direction and Martine has to found out what really happened both then and now.

Under a blood read moon in Villette (My translation)

I quite liked this book. Hedström has given Martine some more depth through a personal tragedy and the story is intriguing witch clutches to WW2. As a Christie fan I really liked the 1990´s version of the Orient Express trip. Not so glamourous as in Christies classic perhaps…but still, I liked the wink to Christie.

The Hawaii of Sweden

“Under a blood red moon in Villette” I partly read on the old (but beautifylly restaurated) fishing boat “The Eagle” that belongs to my Boyfriends parents. It fits his whole family and what better way to enjoy a good book in the archipelago of Sundsvall (eastcoast of Sweden) that some call the Hawaii of Sweden.

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