The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker

Young Talented Author

This novel has been a success around the world. When I had finished the novel I saw a photo of the author Joël Dicker on the back cover. Dicker is a young Swiss man born 1985 (!) and he has written a novel that feels so mature. Life is unfair!

Marcus Goldman

…is the novel’s narrator. Marcus is a young author, whose debut novel was a success. The problem is that he gets writer’s block when he tries to write the sequel. At first the publisher is laidback but as time passes they put pressure on him. At last he asks his mentor Harry Quebert for help. Harry lives in a small town on the west coast and he is one of the most well-known authors in the U.S. He wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Root of All Evil, a love story about impossible love.

Murder Mystery

When Harry is suspected of killing a young girl that disappeared in the 1970s the entire country is shocked. The 15-year-old Nola is found murdered in Harry’s yard with a copy of The Root of All Evil. It does not look good, but Marcus is convinced that his friend is innocent and he starts looking into the past. It is a small town and the people who were there when the girl disappeared are still around. Secrets are revealed and old truths are tested.

Clever and Suspenseful

The novel is skillfully composed. It is very suspenseful and has the perfect tone. Technically the novel has several different timelines and complicated threads/relationships and it deals with many interesting topics, such as the border between truth and fiction. How can an author write a sequel to a critically acclaimed novel without getting anxiety? And then we have the small-town façade with its crumbling interior. I can only agree with the rest of the world, who thinks this is a novel worth reading.


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