The Sandman by Lars Kepler

The serial killer Jurek Walter has been in isolation in a psychiatric ward ever since he was arrested by Detective Inspector Joona Linna thirteen years ago. During all these years Jonna has been convinced that Jurek had a helper, but no one has believed him, not until now, when Mikael Kohler-Frost, one of Jurek’s alleged victims, is found alive. Who has held Mikael captive all these years? And where is his sister who disappeared at the same time?

They do everything to find the missing woman in time and a police goes undercover as a patient on Jurek’s ward, but that decision leads to serious consequences. It gets personal for Joona since Jurek is looking for revenge.

Kepler’s Best

The Sandman is Lars Kepler’s fourth thriller and the best one so far. The book had me hooked after the first page and the suspense was high from beginning to end. Just like when I read their last book I made sure that all my doors were locked. I look forward to their next novel and I wonder what it will bring, since this one ended with a cliffhanger.

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