The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes

What better way to spend Easter than to read a religious-themed thriller? The Sacred Bones is Michael Byrnes’s first novel, and he skillfully blends fact and fiction to create a fast-paced page turner.

An ancient burial box is stolen from a crypt beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the tensions quickly escalate between Muslims, Jews and Christians following the theft.

Meanwhile, geneticist Charlotte Hennesey and anthropologist Giovanni Bersei are hired by the Vatican to study the contents of a recently-arrived crate. The burial box inside dates back to approximately 30AD, and it contains bones which belong to a man who was crucified. Evidence makes them wonder if the remains may be those of Jesus Christ. They both realize that they are in grave danger as the Catholic Church may not want this information to see the light of day.

The Catholic Church, conspiracy theories, Templar Knights, and the Middle Eastern conflict were all elements that attracted me to read this novel, and as a big fan of religious-themed crime novels I was not disappointed. I have already ordered the sequel, The Sacred Blood, as I cannot wait to see how the story continues.