The Sacred Blood by Michael Byrnes

In Michael Byrnes’s first novel, the religious-themed thriller The Sacred Bones, Jesus Christ’s remains are studied by geneticist Charlotte Hennesey. Her boss discovers that DNA extracted from the bones has peculiar powers. They inject Charlotte with the DNA, which miraculously cures her from cancer. As it turns out the DNA can repair damaged genes, and cure incurable diseases.

In the sequel The Sacred Blood the bones are missing, but Charlotte discovers that she now possesses the healing powers. Rabbi Aaron Cohen, a descendent of the biblical Aaron, finds out about this and he sends people to kidnap her and bring her to Israel. His mission is to replace the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem with the Third Temple. Aaron’s family has always guarded the Ark of the Covenant, which has great powers, but to unleash those he needs someone with a pure bloodline – Charlotte.

I really liked The Sacred Bones and had high expectations for the sequel The Sacred Blood. Unfortunately it failed to live up to my expectations. Most of the things I liked about the first novel were missing in the second one. Not once did the story make me ponder the possibility that it may be true (although I know the the author blends fact with fiction), and I did not connect with the characters. Whereas I could not put the first book down, it was not that difficult to predict how the sequel would end.

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