The Pendulum of Death (Dödens pendel) by Jonas Moström

Several otherwise healthy people die of cardiac arrest within a short period of time in Sundsvall, Sweden. Is it a coincidence? Policeman Johan Axberg sees his friend Dr. Erik Jensen and when they discuss their jobs and experiences they both believe that something strange is going on. When they also find out that all the deceased people’s watches or clocks are missing they suspect that they may be dealing with a serial killer.

The Pendulum of Death (Translated from the original Swedish title: Dödens pendel) is Jonas Moström’s first novel and since the author is a doctor as well, he describes that world without any problems. The language flows well and the readers have access to more information than the police. Both Axberg and Jensen struggle with personal relationships but stay focused on the case regardless.

I do a quick search on the Internet and find out that the author just published the fifth novel in the series about Axberg and Jensen. If the rest of the novels hold the same quality I have several pleasant hours of reading ahead of me.

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