The Oxford Murders – The Movie

This movie from 2008 with Elijah Wood as the main character has been reviewed on our Swedish site earlier. Neither Erica not Sara liked it very much.


I was pleasantly suprised when I finally watched the movie yesterday. I did not think the movie was that bad! It was not a masterpiece but definitely entertaining.

I agree that the first half is much better than the second half. They succeed in building a gruesome atmosphere in the first half that unfortunately is lost about halfway through the movie. Elijah Wood is not convincing as a mathematical genius, he is not a disaster in the role, but far from good.

The Storyline

An exchange student, Martin (Eliah Wood), comes to Oxford to work on his doctoral thesis. His dream is to get the somewhat odd professor Seldom (John Hurt) as his mentor. Seldom has been his idol for quite some time and Martin ends up renting a room from an older lady (and her daughter) who is Seldom’s friend.

Martin does not succeed in getting acquainted with Seldom until he meets him in the entryway of the older lady’s house. When they enter they find her murdered and the search for a killer who tends to leave a number of mathematical clues behind starts…

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