The Minority Report – The Short Story


I discovered that there are several short stories with the same name, but this review is of the short story written by Phillip K. Dick. The movie Minority Report (2002) with Tom Cruise as the main character was based on this story.


It is unbelievable how much content you can squeeze into 70 pages if you have a talent for it. This short story succeeds in delivering a complete story, at the same time as it contains several twists, not bad!

Anderton is the leader for the police’s department of pre-crime, i.e. crimes that have not yet been committed, but that have been predicted by three mutants (I have trouble not bursting out in laughter as I write this, but the story is not as nerdy as it sounds).

Thanks to the mutants there are hardly any murders anymore, since they can be prevented. However, one day the mutants predict that Anderton will murder a man that Anderton has not even heard about. Anderton suspects immediately that he is the victim of a conspiracy, but will he be able to prove it before he is convicted for a murder he has been predicted to commit…


Phillip K. Dick has really a talent for writing short stories, but a part of me cannot help but wish that this had been a longer story. I cannot explain why, maybe it is because it ended so quickly? What do I know. It is really worth reading in any case. The story differs quite a lot from the movie adaptation from 2002, but the basic story is the same.


If this were to become reality all crime writers would be in trouble 😉

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