The Lighthouse Keeper (Fyrvaktaren) – Camilla Läckberg

Fyrvaktaren (direct translation: The Lighthouse Keeper, official English title is not yet available) is an entertaining book, there is no question about it .

As always, Läckberg is mixing a storyline from the past with a few from the present. This time the storyline from the past takes place on a small, isolated island not far from Fjällbacka. According to the legend people that dies on the island, never really leaves…

The “past”-storyline works very well, the mixture of the supernatural and the natural is perfectly balanced. It is properly one of her best-told storylines ever (except for the ending which really sucks!).


This book also contains two storylines that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the main story… whatsoever! They just begin… and then end. They might be foreshadowing for an upcoming book, but nevertheless; it’s a strange way of doing things.

I also have a problem with quite a few of the female characters in this book. Most of them are just portrayed as helpless victims. That is sooo 30 years ago, more women that kicks ass in your next book Camilla!

Taking everything into consideration: The Lighthouse Keeper is still an entertaining book! Camilla Läckberg could be described as an author version of Max Martin; she produces hit after hit.

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