The Killing – A Danish Crime series

brottetThe Killing (Förbrydelsen)……is a Danish Crime Series that you should try and find on DVD. In season 1 a teenage girl is brutally killed. The main character is the Police Inspector Sarah Lund who we follow in her professional life as well as her personal life. I had no clue of who the killer was until they revealed it in the last episode.

Drama series?

The Killing is not only a crime investigation. Sarahs personal life is complicated. We also follow the victims family and friends and learn about the grief, dynamics, and secrets of the victims family. Another character is one of the candidates for Mayor of Copenhagen and his staff where we follow the political games (with a lot of dirty tricks). All of this melts together beautifully. The mix of Crime and Drama in this series is what makes the series so great and modern.


Season 2

Now I´m watching Season 2. Sarah Lund is still the main character but she is the only character from season 1, which is a good thing!  I´m so tired of series like Lost, that never ends and gets more complicated each episode and season.

In season 2 someone murders military that has been in Afghanistan. Sarah Lund starts working with a new department and we get an insight in a Military Head Quarter, follow the Minister of Justice and his staff, the Security Police  as well as a former military on the run. So far it has been super exciting and I´m longing for the next episode each week.


Danish Crime Series in general

In Scandinavia Swedes may write the best Crime Novels but in Denmark they make the best Crime Series!  The series has been nominated for an International Emmy (Best Drama series) several times. Another great danish Crime Series is The protectors (Livvakterna) that won the Emmy for best Drama Series last year.

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