The Judas Kiss by Anna Grue

Who is Jakob Heurlin?

Maybe Ursula Olesen knew all along that is was too good to be true. Could the young, good-looking Jakob have real feelings for her? After six months of euphoria Ursula’s vigilance waned and she started believing in love. They spent all their time together and were dreaming and planning for their future together.

Finally, Ursula dares to tell him that she has won several millions playing the lottery. Jakob convinces her that the money does not make a difference since he really loves her, and he also tells her that he has money in the bank. Ursula is relieved and happy, and they continue with their plans for the future. Jakob contacts a lawyer, who gives both of them power of attorneys, so Jakob and Ursula can access each other’s bank accounts. She feels like he really trusts her!

They decide to purchase a small hotel in Nice, but Ursula has to go back to school, where her students are craving attention. So Jakob and the attorney travel to France to take a look at the hotel. It seems unnecessary that Ursula take time off from work, right?

And BOOM Jakob disappears without a trace.

Ursula’s bank accounts are empty.

What should she do? Would she, a middle aged woman contact the police and tell them that she has fallen victim to a scam artist? No, that is too humiliating. She is ashamed. Instead she tries to kill herself, but Laura, one of her students, find her in time.

When Laura finds out what is going on she becomes angry and upset and contacts her father Dan – “The Bald Detective” – and asks him to help Ursula find out who Jakob really is and to try to get the money back.

Dan reluctantly takes the case, and starts by putting an ad on the Internet with a fairly crappy photo of Jakob but an excellent picture of his tattoo. Dan receives several interesting responses.

Women all over the country is saying the same thing, a young man has succeeded in scamming them for enormous amounts of money. How does he find his victims? What is the driving force?

The theme is hardly new and fresh, but the storyline is original.

It is a sad story. A lovelorn woman thinks she has found happiness, but instead she finds herself wallowing in misery. The story is quick and exciting, and the characters are well created and vibrant. I really felt with all these deceived women, and I felt offended on their behalf!


Original title in Danish: Judaskysset

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