The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler-Olsen


The Best Danish Crime Writer

In my opinion there is no doubt who is the king of crime writing in Denmark. I always look forward to every new novel in Jussi-Adler Olsen’s series about Department Q as much as a new season of Downton Abbey. The Hanging Girl is the sixth volume in the Department Q series (ten are planned).

New Age

New age is the theme of this novel. Mørck and his team are contacted by a colleague, Habersaat from the Danish island Bornholm, who wants their help with an old case that the police dismissed as a hit and run, but that Habersaat is convinced is a murder case. All clues lead to a charismatic man who worships the sun and knowingly or not knowingly controls and manipulates people around him.

Psychology and Humor

As usual Adler-Olsen uses his knowledge and feeling for how you describe people from a psychological perspective to create his very entertaining main characters, who in large part, are caricatures. Department Q is a small team who solves old cases. The leader of the group is Carl Mørck, and he is stuck in the basement of the police headquarters with his department because he is considered difficult to work with. Mørck is cynical but has an innate goodness. His assistants are Assad, who has a weird sense of humor and a dark and secret background, and Rose, a complex double-natured headstrong woman, who is more effective than most. Management has also forced the newcomer Gordon onto the team. He is not the smartest one, but he is slowly becoming part of the team.

The Movies

The first two novels (The Keeper of Lost Causes and The Absent One) have been adapted to movies. For some weird reason I have not seen them yet, but I am planning a movie night sometime soon, and I will of course review them as well.


The Hanging Girl will be published on Sep 8, 2015 in the U.S. by Penguin Random House.


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