The Dangerous Game by Mari Jungstedt

We get to follow two Swedish girls from the island of Gotland in the criminal novel The Dangerous Game.

Jenny was discovered by a modeling agency about a year ago and she is now one of the most successful women in the business. Agnes worked for the same agency but lost her contract due to an eating disorder and is currently admitted at a clinic for people with anorexia. It is not a surprise that their lives will cross at some point in the novel, but the question is how.

The fashion photographer Markus gets brutally attacked when he and Jenny are on Gotland for a photo shoot. He ends up in a coma and cannot tell the police about the attacker. When another person in the fashion world gets attacked the police are pressured to find the guilty one quickly before he or she strikes again.

The Dangerous Game is Mari Jungstedt’s eighth novel in her series about Anders Knutas and the police on Gotland. I have read all Mari Jungstedt’s novels and keep reading them since they offer pleasant and relaxing reading. But they are not memorable, and I cannot recall the story in any of her earlier novels. But the novel is definitely perfect reading for the beach this summer.

Original title in Swedish: Den farliga leken

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