The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall is both charmig and rather amusing, but nevertheless I find it too much of a copy of The no 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

The story takes place in India today, and the very friendly Mr Vish Puri s the most discrete private investigator in India. His wife is struggling with her husbands weight problem, and he himself stuffs his face with all sorts of goodies when she is not watching.

In this novel, Mr Puri is solving the case of the missing servant girl. Puri is contacted by one of the most well known lawyers in the country, who has been accused of murdering his young servant. The servant that is missing. In order to free his client from being a suspect, Puri must find her. Mr Puri does not hesitate, he digs into this high profile, and delicate case and start digging.

I would not call this a masterpiece within the genre, more a copy of the great, already working concept introduced to us by McCall Smith. However, the novel is absolute worthy of reading! It is a great document on the Indian society today. Hall is painting a very lively picture with lots of colour and humour. His writing is so good that I can almost smell the kachoris…

My guess is that what the author really is looking for by writing this novel is to drag the problem of political corruption into the daylight and mind of the ”little people”. That he has succeeded to do.

I will with great interest read more by Mr Hall!

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