The Burning Lake – Brent Ghelfi

The Burning Lake is an international spy-thriller and the fourth of the so called Volk novels.


….is short for Alexei Volkovoy an Russian ex-military with a prosthesis who does dirty jobs for the Kreml and a person called “The General” He is the opposite of a cozy detective and in many ways ruthless and cold  but there is a glimpse of soul left in him that makes him almost human.


In this book an old flame and well known journalist (like Anna Politovskaya) is murdered under mysterious circumstances and Volk sets out for answers and revenge. The trail leads him to an area God, if he exist, have forgotten. A place with a lot of nuclear waste, poisoning the soil and the people living there. A Frenchman, a nuclear scientist and two dead Russians takes him to America.

Grayson Stone

In the USA another ex-agent/military is looking for some answers. Who killed two  Russian guys in the desert and why? During one of the wars Stone was in he made a “mistake” witnessed by a Frenchmen who now “owns” him. This makes him a chess-player in a big international political game.

What did I think?

I normally don´t read spy-novels so I may not have that much to compare with but… I liked Volk. He is on the edge of being to unsympathetic as a main character but it is refreshing with characters that´s not only black and white. The Story is believable and a bit terrifying. It has a cold war feeling to it, but is modern.  Even if it is a bit too tough for my taste I wouldn’t mind reading the next Volk-novel.

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