The Anatomy of a ghosts

Andrew Taylor is a well established crime author that specializes in historical crime novels. He has among other things won a brittish Dagger Award twice. I´ve never read anything of him before and had very high expectations and usually when you have high expectations you are up for a let down, but not this time…

nattvandrarenThe Anatomy of Ghostsreally is a great book! It is about the book seller John Holdsworth, who after some tragic family events, takes on a job that litterary helps him to stay out of the streets. Officially he is supposed to catalogues a university library at Cambridge. Unofficially he has to find out what has happened to the son (a student) of a rich and powerful women. The son has “lost it” and claims that he has seen a ghost.  The question is, is it a real ghost or a ghost from his soul….It is Holdsworths job to found out exactly what has happened….

Taylor knows how to create interesting charachtars (both gender) and the historical depiction of an old and successful university in the 18th century is really great. Throughout the book you also get a quiet chilling feeling…  Thumbs up for The Anatomy of Ghosts!

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