“That which shall be atoned for” by Olle Lönnaeus

Freelance journalist Konrad Jonsson returns to his hometown Tomelilla in Sweden for the first time since his teenage years when he finds out that his adoptive parents, Herman and Signe, have been murdered. Their son Klas and Konrad are the only heirs and become the main suspects. At the same time the little town is battling xenophobia and prejudices, and Konrad suspects that something is wrong when two immigrant boys are tied to the crime.

Back in his hometown Konrad is also confronted with his past. His real mother, Agnes, was a Polish immigrant and she disappeared without a trace when Konrad was seven years old. The police concluded that she must have abandoned her son. Konrad decides to find out what really happened.

That which shall be atoned for (original title: Det som ska sonas) is the first novel by Swedish author Olle Lönnaeus. (The novel has not been released in English yet, and may have a different title once it is published. Release date is unknown.) Like many other criminal novels he uses events from WWII to explain present events. It is a good novel no doubt, but not quite my style. At times I think he twists the language without a good reason. I also would have wished he would have given us a little more insight into Konrad’s professional life in the past, even though I realize that it does not really impact this story.

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