Tell no one…

Some of you may have read Harlan Cobens book thriller Tell no one. This movie is a french adaption of that movie and when I saw it I was blown away. It is great!


8 years ago the wife of Alexander Beck was presumed killed by a serial killer who later was captured. Now the doctor receives an e-mail from, what it seems, his late wife…. and fter the police finds a new body, killed in the same way as the other victims the case is reopened and Alexander is the prime suspect. Now he has to escape from the law as well as try to find out if his wife still is alive…


The movie from 2006 is directed by Guillame Canet. If you still aren´t convinced that it is great you can watch this trailer.  Harlan Coben himself figures in the movie. Why not see if you can spot him!

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