Tana French – The Likeness

I´ve just read Tana French second novel, about Cassie Maddox, who is  just being released in Swedish. (Her first novel was “In the Woods”)

Cassie Maddox, a former police infiltrator, works at the domestic violence department when she gets a call from a colleague to come and see a murder victim. It turns out that the victim (Lexie) looks exactly like her. To find out what happened they decide to let the collective which the victim lived with  to believe the victim didn´t die, but is in a coma. Cassie, being an ex infiltrator, takes her place. Is the killer one of the persons in the collective? Or maybe someone from the victims mysterious past? And will Cassie manage to fool everybody that she is Lexie?

I´m not going to say anything more except this. If you have ever read Donna Tartts “The Secret Story” you will get some of the same feelings that you felt reading that book. It´s not the same high standard, but what is? The Secret Story gave me one of my top 10  reading experience and everything close to that book is good. This is a well written suspense novel with a lot of interesting characters but the most important character in this book is a house.

This Book is a review copy from the Swedish Publishing Company Albert Bonnier

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