Sweden´s best Crime Novel


Recently a Swedish Newspaper asked 80 experts in crime novels (authors, journalists, bloggers, librarians, people in the industry etc.) if they could list their three favourite Swedish Crime Novels. It resulted in a list of the 101 best Crime Novels written in Swedish. Number one on the list was Kerstin Ekman´s Blackwater from 1993.

Kerstin Ekman

..Started writing Crime Novels in the 1950s-60s but has since gained reputation as one of Sweden’s best Novel author. She has among many awards been giving The August prize (the most noble prize for authors in Sweden except the Nobel prize). She was elected in to the Swedish academy who decides what author will receive the Noble prize in literature. One of her most famous books is Blackwater. It is a great Novel who just happens to also be a Crime Novel.


Annie and her daughter Mia arrives on Midsummer Eve in Blackwater, a small village in northern Sweden in the late 1970s. They  are supposed to meet up with Mia’s lover but since he fail to show up when they arrive they have to walk through the forest to try and find the commune he lives with. While walking through the forest they stumble upon two murdered tourist. Mia gets a glimpse of the murderer but the murders will be unresolved for 18 years when she think she might have seen the murderer again. This time together with her now grown up daughter…

This book has a dark and lonesome feeling to it, written in a poetic language. It is a murder mystery but forget about action and CSI. This is about a village, a desolate landscape and the psychological relationships between people.

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