Swan Song by Jo A. Hiestand

This is a charming mystery novel of the traditional British sort. With this I mean that it is on the verge of being a “cosy crime” and has an ending that explains everything. A warning to those of you who have a habit of taking a sneak peek at the end of a book: The last four pages reveal EVERYTHING!

The Story

Ex-cop Michael Mclaren’s life gets a new spark when his fiancé lures him into taking a closer look at an old unsolved case, concerning the murder of a well liked music teacher. But the “investigation” takes a unexpected turn when Michael’s fiancé all of a sudden gets kidnapped…


A pleasant mystery novel that should be read over a “cuppa” on a warm summer night.

The Author

Do not miss our interview with the author, Jo A. Hiestand, on June 13th.

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