“Svinhugg” by Marianne Cederwall


The doctor Mirjam returns to her hometown on the island Gotland with her best friend Hervor, after she has spent several years in Stockholm and in northern Sweden. Hervor encourages Mirjam to use the power of thought to get revenge on three men who have hurt her. When all the men die within a few weeks of each other Mirjam wonders if it really is a coincidence.

“Svinhugg” is Marianne Cederwall’s first novel. You can hardly call it a criminal novel; it is rather a novel about a woman who wants justice. The title of the novel is perfect, since it comes from an expression meaning “an evil that strikes back on the person who acted.”

It took me a while to get into the novel and it was not my style. However, it is still ok as long as you do not expect a classic crime novel.

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