Southafrican Hard-boiled Novel

I´ve just read Deon Meyers “Dead at Daybreak” Deon Meyer is an South African Crime Writer. The style is Suspense/Hardboiled.

Zapotek van Heerden is an ex cop who is in really bad shape and now supports himself as a Private Detective. It´s obvius that something in the past made him a drunk and a very cynical man but exactly what made him into this angry and resentful man isn´t revealed until the end.

This book have two stories. The first is about a case he is hired to solve. The other is the story of Zapotek van Herdeen. The book changes every second chapter between these stories. This could be a problem, I´ve read plenty of books where memories and stories from the main person have taken away focus from the “real story” but not in this case.  The Story of Zapotek is just as interesting as his case.

An antiquedealer is tortured and murdered and his testament who was in his safe is stolen. The case is very trhilling and gives you the chills. I really liked the two female characters in this book but I won´t reveal anything about them or more of the case since it will spoil the the reading experience.

Deon Meyers is doing a fantastic job and I will definately read his other books.

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