Something for Sherlock Holmes fans!

bakerstreetphantomI received a review copy from Gallic Books of The Baker Street Phantom by Fabrice Bourland.

What made me want to read it?
As a Holmes-fan I immediately was drawn to the book by it´s name and cover. I also liked that the story takes place in the 1930´s since I like crime novels that take place in a historical time.

The storyteller of this book is a young Mr Singleton who, together with a partner, have started a detective bureau in London. Clients are scarce so when none other then Mrs Conan Doyle calls on them they are very excited (both are great admirers of Doyle.) What she has to tell them involves Seance’s and spiritualism and Singleton are by personal reasons against all of that. But they can not afford to decline a lady in distress or the income so they accept.

I´m not going to tell you more but the case involves of course  a phantom, seance’s and non-logical happenings.

Did I like it?
Yes I did! But you have to be a bit open minded it is not a realistic book….. Singleton and his partner is almost like Holmes and Watson, the atmosphere is perfect as well as the language  You will get extra pleasure out of this books if you read a lot and are familiar with books from the 19th century and of course Holmes novels.

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