Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

Austin PD Detective Jason Scarsdale has recently become a widow and with a 5-year-old daughter he is trying to balance work with his private life. It is not an easy task. He is investigating two homicides, while his mother-in-law tries to get custody of his daughter Shannon. Shannon bonds with crime analyst Dani Mueller, but it turns out she has a dark secret, so Jason is hesitating whether or not she should testify on his behalf in the custody hearing.

When is the price too high?

The question on the cover page is very fitting. Some of the choices Dani has made in the past have come with great consequences, but there is no turning back. Most of the novel is from a third-person view, but now and then chapters are thrown in where we get to follow events from Dani’s point of view, which lets us in on some of her secrets.

Vigilante Justice

The author has developed a complex set of characters and you are kept on the edge of your seat throughout the novel. It also makes you think about revenge, and you ask yourself if it is ever acceptable to take justice into your own hands.

The character Dani is originally from Germany and German sentences are sprinkled into the novel. I am not surprised to find out the author lived there for a few years. (I was also happy that I understood everything.)

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