Postcard Killers

This is a real page turner and sensation thriller. Someone kills newlyweds around Europe and sends a postcard with the murdered victims on them to journalists in the town where the murder takes place.

It´s not hard to figure out that Liza Marklund has created the character Dessie. Just as Annika Bengtzon, the head character in Lizas crime novels, Dessie is a journalist. Patterssons creation is Jacob, an american FBI agent whose daughter was one of the Postcard Killers victim.  Jacob is of course out for revenge and on hunt for the killer/s

I liked Dessie but had a harder time with Jacob. Jacob could be replaced with numerous FBI agents or police detectives I’ve read or seen on a criminal TV-Serie and I would have liked him. But in Sweden he seemed “too much” What’s interesting is that as soon as Jacob was on American grounds I bought his character on a whole different level. It will be very interesting to see what Americans think of the Swedish character Desire.

This is a thrilling Page Turner that gives you great entertainment while reading it but Is it the best I’ve ever read? Far from it, for that it takes more then thrills and sensations.

This book is available in Europe from this Tuesday (January 27th) but will not be released in the USA until summer.

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