Pan´s secret – A Danish Crimethriller

Pan´s Secret is the second novel in the series about the Danish doctor Maja Holm. The first book is called Before the Storm.

In this book Maja and her partner have moved back to the idyllic suburb in Denmark where Maja Grew up. It turns out it´s not so idyllic any more… Someone kidnaps children, kills them and leave a book mark from the children’s book Peter Pan. One day Maja gets a card where it says “Welcome home Wendy” It seems that the killer have a special interest in Maja that puzzels both Maja and the police.

This is in many ways a classic cat and mouse game and it is a thrilling novel. My only reservation is that Maja acts irrational. It is a bit too unbelievable that she would put her self in danger so many times, especially when she is pregnant. However I still liked the book as a whole and the twist in the end is great.

I can recommend this book and I believe the first book (Before the storm) also is good. Unfortunately you don´t want to read the first book after reading this, meaning you HAVE to read them in the right order.

On Thursday we will post an interview with the author Michael Katz Krefeld, don´t miss that!

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