Once Upon a Crime


My household ended up with two iPads in December and that has had an unexpected side effect – we read a lot more than before. Many of the books have been a little…different, e.g. someone (not me) got an impulse to read Cybill Shepard’s autobiography, Cybil Disobedience (!?) the other week.

This in turn has had the effect that “we” have wanted to watch a lot of movies and TV series starring Shepard.

I was pleasantly surprised by the crime comedy Once Upon a Crime! It is actually really good.


The movie takes place in Monte Carlo where an American couple find a lost dog. When they contact the wealthy owner, they are offered a large reward if they return the dog. When they get to the owner’s house they find her murdered… All of a sudden six innocent people are suspects of the murder. Everyone tries to prove their innocence by lying, and the more they lie, the deeper they dig their own graves.

Sunday Movie

It is the perfect movie to watch a boring Sunday afternoon.

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