In Harm’s Way by Viveca Sten

In Viveca Sten’s sixth novel about Thomas Andreasson and Nora Linde we get to follow a famous war correspondent as she flees to the hotel at Sandhamn on Christmas Eve. Two days later her dead body is found buried in snow outside the hotel. Did she die from natural causes or was she murdered?

The woman divorced a long time ago and her ex-husband has sole custody of their teenage daughter. Why is that? The police also find material in the woman’s apartment suggesting that she was working on an article about Sweden’s right-wing party, but according to the party’s leaders she has not been in contact with them. Is that really true? While the police are looking for answers another person in the woman’s vicinity dies. Is there a connection?

Hidden in Snow

It is a very suspenseful novel and a sure sign of that is that I made sure my front door was locked while reading it. The author covers current social topics and creates a story that shows that no matter how much you may want to hide some things they have a tendency to surface eventually. She throws in some red herrings but they do not steal focus from the main plot.

I really like Viveca Sten’s writing style and the way she creates plotlines, but I am a little tired of the subplot involving Nora Linde’s personal life that runs through the series.

Original title in Swedish: I farans riktning

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