Never Go Back by Lee Child

“You’re back in the army, Major. And your ass is mine.”

In Never Go Back, Jack Reacher goes back to the D.C. area to meet Major Susan Turner, the new commanding officer for the Military Police unit he was once responsible for. When he gets to the headquarters, she has been replaced. Unexpectedly he finds himself accused of murder, in a child support lawsuit, and back in the Army. Someone wants him to run and not look back, but that is not his style. He fights to clear his and Turner’s names and while the Army, FBI, DC police and an unidentified gang are after them it is not clear who the real enemy is.

The Formula Works

Never Go Back is the 18th novel in the series about Jack Reacher. It is only the second one I have read, but I suspect all the novels follow the same formula. No complaints though, because it works. Luckily for me the novels can be read out of order, and the author has even written some out of order chronologically, e.g. The Affair was the 16th novel but set before most of the other ones.

Bond Vibe

Reacher is an interesting character, which is key to a long-running series. I get a James Bond vibe, minus the tuxedo. He does not back down from a fight, he has a love for the ladies and he usually lands on his two feet.


Never Go Back will be published in the UK on August 29, 2013.

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