Murder on the Eiffel Tower – A french crime story


I just love the book cover of this book. I was drawn to it instantly!

The writer Claude Izner is really the two sisters Liliane Korb och Laurence Lefèvre who are experts in french 19th century history and are Book Sellers in Paris. They´ve written 3 more books in this serie and are very popular in France.

The Murder in the Eiffeltower is an historical crime novel of the 19th century Paris with a young book shop keeper as the main charachter. The story is fictive with some real events baked in to it.

Story: A few people dies from what seems to be bee stings. When the artist Katja, Victors newest love interest, seems to have some connections with the murder victims and Victors partner starts to behave strangely Victor sense something is wrong and it has to do with the murders and the 1889 World Fair that have “invaded” Paris.

The story is barely ok and it was stressful with Victors hectic movement around the city but the description of Paris is nice! I wish I could have strolled down the streets of Paris and wittnessed the World Fair in real life. The authors have created a charming atmosphere. 

Historical novels have often a problem with the characters since it´s hard to make the characters “time typical” and interesting for todays reader. Ideals, beaviour, and moral are often not the same. This is what happened in this book. Victor seems time typical and very french (What is up with the frenchmen and all these women?) But I got really annoyed with his behaviour.  Katja on the other hand was likeable but felt too modern for her time.  

Even though my high expectation was not fully fulfilled I still found the book charming somehow. I gues the Paris setting with the World fair saved it for me and I´ve always been a sucker for historical novels.

Since I read  Jean Francois Parots – The Nicolas Le Floch Affair  a couple of weeks ago I can´t help but compare the two books.(See review here!)  Parot is also a writer who writes historical crime novels.

Differences: 110 years  – The Nicolas Le Floch Affair takes place in the 1774. Parots novel has a more advanced and beautiful language and there  are morehistorical elements baked in to it. The Murder in the Eiffeltower is more readable.
Parables– They both take place in Paris. The main character is a young, slightly confused and naive man.  

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