Messages – An American Thriller by Weyman Jones

weymanjonesI received a review copy of Weyman Jones latest crime novel Messages that will be released November 5th. (You can pre-order on

Jones is an author who former worked as a marine officer and have worked incorporate business and this novel combines his experiences from both of these worlds. 

Mike is a young intelligent, but naive man, who works at his mothers successful business company when she is arrested and accused of killing her young lover. There is no doubt in Mike´s eyes that his mother is innocent and he believes his mother was framed by animal activists who has threatened his mother and killed another businesswomen. However…everyone else seems to have their doubts of his mothers guilt…. so even his girlfriend and the police.  To clear his mothers name he goes on a hunt for the truth. His journey takes him to the Caribbean, where he meets a mysterious woman, and to a meeting with his father, who left the family years ago….

I found the book quite thrilling and interesting but I´m a bit hesitant to the end who I think was a little bit too Hollywood for me. What I especially liked was the character Mike. He very often annoyed me and I sighed at some of some of his actions but he was a “real person” and not a super macho hero who goes on an avenge trip with guns and muscles. I like when the characters are real and not simply good or bad. I also liked the editing of Mikes thoughts. We all edit our selves before speaking (some more then others…) and  you can´t help but wonder what people “really” want to say.

Jones have written several other crime novels as well as prize winning children’s books. I found an interview with him made by international Thriller Site where they ask him about this book if you want to learn more about the book and author. (Klick here).

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