Message in a bottle from P

Danish crime series

I’ve recently discovered a new ( new for me) great Danish crime author. His name is Jussi Adler-Olsen and the book I’ve read is called Message in a bottle. With that book he won the Scandinavian crime-prize 2010 “The Glass Key” for best Scandinavian crime novel.


Message in a Bottle is the third book in Adler-Olsen´s series about the Police Department Q, (Cold-case department), located in the basement of the Copenhapen Police House.


Department Q is run by Carl Mörck, a middle aged man with big problems both at home and in the office. At home he as to deal with his wife, who threatens! to come back to him. In order to keep his estranged wife estranged he bribes his step-son to find her a new lover. At the office he has to deal with a very eccentric assistant and her even more eccentric twin sister. The characters are written with a lot of humor. Carl Mörck may seem a bit stupid but once in a while he surprises us with his intelligence.


One day a man in Scotland walks by the beach when he finds an old Message in a bottle. They figure out that it is a SOS message in Danish and sends it to Denmark where it ends up at Department Q. Little by little the team manage to solve the puzzle with the letter. I´m not going to reveal more then that the cruel story involves sects, old secrets, innocent children and one kidnapper.


As in so many crime novels these days we follow different persons and angles, both perpetrators, victims and the police. The story is thrilling, psychological very interesting and has a good portion of humor in it.

What do I think?

I think you should hope that Adler-Olsens books will be translated in to your language or at least in to English. This is good, very good!

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