Looking Good Dead by Peter James

“Looking Good Dead” is Pater James’s second book about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Usually I try to avoid reading a book in the middle of a series first, but sometimes it happens anyway.

Tom Bryce finds a CD on a train, and the CD contains a movie where a young woman is murdered. At first Tom thinks it is an unusually well-made movie, but he realizes it is real when he reads about the dead woman in the newspaper. Tom and his family are threatened if he tells anyone about it, but he chooses to contact the police despite that.

Missing Wife

The main character Roy Grace leads the murder investigation. Roy’s wife disappeared without a trace nine years ago. I assume that we will find out what happened to the wife in one for Peter James’s future books, because we do not get any answers in this one.

Snuff Movie

“Looking Good Dead” is an exciting novel and I also learn what a snuff movie is (movie depicting an actual death or murder). I am surprised that I have not read a crime fiction novel with that aspect earlier. After a quick Internet search I find out that Kristina Ohlsson’s latest novel also brings up the phenomenon. Now I have to read that novel too to compare…

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