Liza Marklund’s Latest Novel – Borderline

Du gamla, du fria (original title in Swedish)

This is the ninth novel about the journalist Annika Bengtzon. In the first chapter Annika’s husband Thomas and six other Europeans are kidnapped by a terrorist group in Nairobi. In the second chapter a woman is found murdered in Stockholm’s suburbs. More women are found murdered after that. The previous Annika Bengtzon novel was awesome, but this one does not quite measure up.

(A Parenthesis)

The novel completely focuses on the kidnapping and the murders are simply a parenthesis. Speaking of parentheses, I thought the author used way too many. Other than that I like Marklund’s use of language.

Important Topics

It could have been a really exciting story, but despite the fact that the kidnappers are extremely brutal and do not hesitate to kill their hostages I do not find the novel that exciting. The novel brings up topics like the world’s injustices, the global society, and the questionable methods used by journalists. They are all important topics, but a little more excitement would be nice.

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