Liquid Smoke by Jeff Shelby

Noah Braddock is a Private Investigator and his girlfriend works as a cop (homicide department).

One day Noah is observed by a mysterious woman. When he confronts her it turns out that she is an attorney and she wants his help with a case she is working on. Noah turns her down. But the attorney doesn’t give up. She has a trump card that she has not played yet; her client is Noah’s father. He is in prison serving a sentence for a double murder and is about to be executed. Noah has never had any contact with his father and does not know how to react. The attorney explains that the father, who has confessed to the murders, most likely is guilty. However, she has a feeling that there is something he has not told her, maybe something that could save his life.

Noah is finally persuaded to at least visit his father in prison to see if the father will tell him anything. The visit does not turn out the way he expected…and when Noah returns home he finds the female attorney murdered on the floor behind the couch… This is the beginning of a story where nothing is what it first seems.

The Beginning

The first part of the novel feels very original, and it had a thick veil of melancholy, which really lifted the story! The beginning is nothing short of genius!

The Ending

Somewhere in the middle of the novel, it turns into a traditional action thriller. It is still both good and entertaining, but it is not on the same level as the beginning.

The novel is definitely worth reading! But I would not recommend it to anyone who wants a happy ending!

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