Jumper and Reflex by Steven Gould


It is very interesting how you divide books and movies into different genres. How do you know what belongs where and who has the final say when it is unclear?

Anyway, Jumper is probably classified as science fiction, but I am not sure why, because it contains no “science” whatsoever. The main character can teleport, but he does not use a machine, it is just something he knows how to do. The first part of the book is, according to me, some form of coming of age story. In the second half the book changes into more of a thriller.


As a teenager, Davy discovers that he knows how to teleport. Hooray! The first thing he does is to run away from his alcoholic dad. The second thing is to “borrow” money from a bank. Then Davy meets Mille and falls in love…so sweet…

After that something happens that makes Davy, with help of his special talent, chase airplane hijackers. As if that was not enough, the government finds out about Davy and his talent, and all of a sudden Millie is kidnapped by the NSA…


Jumper is not a typical thriller, but the sequel Reflex is on the other hand the very definition of a thriller. Jumper is entertaining even if it at times feels very old. It was released in 1992, which was not too long ago you say! I say, yes, but it was, because it was before anyone had a cell phone, which severely impacts a story like this.

The Movie Jumper

Jumper was made into a movie in 2008, with Hayden Christensen as the main character. Please note than even though the book and the movie has the same name the stories differ significantly.

ReflexReflex – The Sequel

Reflex was written approximately ten years after Jumper. In ten years a lot can happen, and when the story begins Davy and Millie have been married for several years.


Davy has done several freelance jobs for his former enemy NSA during the past few years. Millie works as a therapist. Everything is calm and peaceful until Davy gets kidnapped. Millie is doing everything she can to find her husband, but soon discovers that she does not know who she can trust.

Nightmare Warning

Reflex is not exactly scary, but rather an exciting thriller, but it still gave me some really weird (and not so nice) dreams.

Both these books are definitely worth reading, and I hope there will be a third book!

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