Invisible Murders by Kaaberbøl & Friis

The Danish author duo Kaaberbøl & Friis have done it again!

Invisible Murders is the sequel to their first novel The Boy in the Suitcase, and it is just as terrifying and impossible to put down.

The main character and problem solver is once again the nurse Nina Borg, a strong character with an enormous social interest.

Nina is contacted by a friend, who is hiding illegal immigrants in an old car shop. Most of them are roms and many of them are very sick. Even though Nina as a nurse is doing everything she can to help the sick, she is met with anger and suspicion. What is going on? It must be something worse than illegal immigrants. Is it something that cannot see the light of day?

Nina assumes that the bad living conditions are the cause. She does not understand that something else is behind it until she becomes sick as well.

Could it have something to do with the teenage boy that is hidden beneath the floor?

Just like in their first novel, the authors have created wonderful characters. My imagination gets free reign. The environmental descriptions are vivid and masterfully created, which spices up an already awful story.

If I were to make a wish, it would be that the authors gave some more thought to the ending. It was remarkably thin and had a different tone and tempo than the rest of the novel. It was even lame. You can do better girls!

Original title in Danish: Et stille umærkeligt drab


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