Ingrid Elfberg’s First Crime Novel

It is always exciting to read a promising first novel and that is exactly what Ingrid Elfberg’s first novel was. There were a few details that I would like to have seen done differently (e.g. a more believable ending) and characters I would like to have got to know better (Mattias), but you can definitely not complain about the suspense.


We are thrown into the story and right of the bat we find out that the young boy Sebastian has been abducted and sexually abused by a pedophile, the preschool teacher Mattias has been wrongfully convicted, and the real offender is just waiting for a chance to strike again. One of the few people believing in Mattias’s innocence is Sebatian’s mother Eva. She starts investigating on her own and it does not take long before she becomes convinced that the guilty person is among the family’s friends and acquaintances.


Original title in Swedish: Gud som haver


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