The Last Lullaby by Carin Gerhardsen

A Filipino woman and her two young children are found brutally murdered in their condo in Stockholm, Sweden. There are hardly any clues left at the crime scene and the police have more questions than answers. For example, how could the woman afford a condo in an expensive neighborhood when she worked as a cleaning lady? On top of that one of the policemen has disappeared without a trace.

Best One So Far

The Last Lullaby is the third crime novel by Carin Gerhardsen, and definitely the best one so far. Just as in the first two novels the author uses plenty of sidetracks, something that bugged me in the first novel but that I actually like in this one. She also switches between the past and the present, which I do not mind either. The murder motive is not surprisingly found in the past.

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Original title in Swedish: Vyssan Lull

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