Hercule Poirot’s Christmas


Simeon Lee, a grumpy old man with millions in the bank, invites his children to celebrate Christmas with him at Gorston Hall. Everyone accepts, and it is the first time in 20 years that the whole family is gathered. Out of four sons, three daughters-in-law and one granddaughter there is only one that actually seem to like the old man, the others only pretend while they think about the inheritance. After the old man stirs things up by letting the family know that he is intending to change his will the inevitable happens: the old man is murdered.

Poirot Is in Town

It is unfortunate for the killer that Hercule Poirot is a guest of the police commissioner in town and he is of course invited to the “killerhouse” to take a look at the mystery. And then it ends like it usually does when Poirot is involved – the killer ends up behind bars and everyone else live happily ever after.

Unexpected Ending

Murders and family drama may not be the best warm-up for a peaceful Christmas, but it is a good recipe for an Agatha Christie novel. I, who have read almost everything that Christie has written, knew how it would end. Until the very last pages, when it turned out that I had this one mixed up with another one and was thoroughly confused. Completely fooled, again!

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