Headhunters by Jo Nesbø

Headhunters is independent from Norwegian author Jo Nesbø’s well-known series about Harry Hole. This novel is about Roger Brown, one of Norway’s best headhunters. He does not want any children, but his wife does, so to compensate he gives her anything she may desire, e.g. a luxury mansion and an art gallery. Thanks to income from a side “business” he can maintain his lifestyle. But problems start when his task is to find an executive officer for a Norwegian GPS company.

Complicated Plot

I honestly do not know why I decided to read Headhunters, since I did not like the last book I read by Nesbø. Luckily this one was much better. The plot was complicated and very unrealistic, but if you accept that you have an exciting thriller with many unexpected turns.

I have not seen the movie (based on the novel) yet, but since it is still shown in theatres I may have to watch it soon.


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