Headhunter – a Nesbø novel

headhuntersScandinavian crime author

The Norwegian crime author Jo Nesbø is most famous for his books about the police man Harry Hole, a loner, a loose canon. This novel  is an independent novel and is more like a thriller. Some might miss Hole but I´ve never really got hooked by the Harry Hole books like so many others so this is fine by me.



Roger Brown is a short but charismatic man who is one of Norway’s best Headhunters and is married to the beautiful gallery owner Diana. There is only one problem…The life style they live is above his income and he knows it. There is only one thing his wife really want  in life and he refuses to give it to her… a baby. Instead he gives her gifts, an expensive house and a gallery…. In order to afford everything he steals valuable paintings. One day the perfect victim shows up. A rich man called Clas Greve who owns a valuable Rubens painting….You know that the story will not end well – a fact Nesbø never hides.



Nesbø writes with a language that is very direct and clinical. It reminds me of old hard-boiled crime novels.  



Roger Brown is really an unpleasant man. He has no scruples, he knows what he want and gets what he want. He is a man whom you love to hate. His relationship with his wife is complicated and Greve turns out to be harder to deceive then Brown thought…


Like I said before, this is not a Harry Hole Story, this is more a thriller and it is exciting! You can read it purely as entertainment but if you have time to reflect it also say something about the society we live in. A society where money and appearances are becoming more and more important….


Headhunter will be filmed and released in Scandinavia during 2011. I think it will be perfect for the cinema!

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