Happy Midsummer!



In Sweden we celebrate Midsummer today to celebrate the time of year where the Summer Solstice. Where I live the sun goes down around 22.00 and up 03.40 but in the north of Sweden the sun doesn´t go down at during the summer months!

This is also a time when a lot of people start their vacation. I recommend that you try reading something new. Why not close your eyes and point your finger on a world map. Find a crime novel from the country your finger points. Who knows? maybe you´ll discover a whole new country by reading a book. I love reading about Sicily in Andrea Camilleri’s books, about Botswana in Alexander McCall Smiths books and China in Qui  books. For those of you who haven´t read anything from Sweden yet, I recommend Johan Theorin.

We at TheCrimeHouse wish you a happy summer with lots of time to read crime novels!

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