Hans-Olov Öberg’s novel could be the best one this year…

The novel (Swedish title: Djävulens tonsteg) takes place in Västerås, Sweden at the end of 1978 (which happens to be the year I was born).

Jimmy, a member of the local boys’ choir, disappears without a trace one evening just before rehersal. He is found brutally murdered in the church the following day.

Who could have done it? A lunatic, a fellow student jealous of Jimmy’s talent? Or could the boy have ties to the criminal world?

The police have few clues. Inspector Benny Modigh gets help from unexpected places, from a journalist (Annelie Fri) and from one of the murdered boy’s classmates (Elias Fagervik).

Down To Earth

If I had to describe the novel in a few words it would be ”down to earth”. The novel is in a way very simple, but why make things difficult?!

The parts where we get to follow young Elias Fagervik (I think he was in 6th grade) feel very real and contribute to an original atmosphere, which really makes the story unique.

Also, I have not read many novels where the author succeeds in making a great book even better in the last ten sentences. Wow!

Highest Score

We are not giving scores at TheCrimeHouse, but if we did this one would have received the highest score!

I saved the best for last; this novel is the first independent part of a trilogy. :)

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